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Talmarian Species: Saph'id (Saf-ed)

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2012, 12:43 PM

Water Type: Saph'id (Saf-ed)  Dragon Dolpin or Dragon Shark almost Crocodile like

Saph'id Talamrians usually have dark pelts though there are some that carry I lighter pelt quality for alure in catching they're prey. They also have Six pairs of legs, to better grasp at they're prey and drag them under.

Common Saph'id Male's have shorter tails and snouts, and are commonly shark like. While common Female Saph'id have long tails and snouts but with a build that looks weaker, but they make up for that in speed. The females often are dolphin like. These strange beings also have added fins hanging along their long ears, and webbed feet as well to help them move quickly in water. Of course they can go on land but are generally slower then most land based Talmarians. Often can you find these beauties hanging about coves or along thickly rock covered beaches, as to make it easier for them to escape if need be.

Rare Saph'id. These beings have no eyes, like Se'rac, more like a dome then anything laces along the top of their skull. They can see in solid shapes, heat vision, or outlines. In most cases these creatures will be large in size, and greatly agressive. Most times other males will not be in the area when this creature is around, and you will find lots of females with it. They are dark in color usually black with red or teal, along side white, cream or grey on it.
An new species of the rare type has been discovered recently. A mostly teal colored base or deep green, it has odd marking linning up its back and around its back ankles and tail. This creature is a more color version of the darker kind of the rare species. No other colored species of this kind has been found.

Approximate size: about 16 feet from ground up. Length is ranging from 10 feet to 20, from front to back.
Eyes: One set
Ears: Long pointed ears with common Talamrian solid color trait with circle in the middle on the back
Legs: Strong and long, sometimes also have Symbols of some kind around the ankles. Often considered to be loyal markings, but they're are some that have been cursed.
Tails: Talmarian trade mark solid colored tip.


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Lelu Shouta
United States
Well hello and welcome everyone My name is Amber and I'm starting up an Adoptables account >.< I had been sitting on this idea for a while and after seeing so many good adoptables I am going to go ahead and start up my own line of adoptables. On top of that line art for the creatures I will create will also be found on this account. ^.^ It's going to be fun doing this and I hope you all love the creatures and being I bring to life for you.

If you want to know what else I do other then adoptables you can find me on my Original account Here:

:iconlelukitakaze: ~LeluShouta

or on my alternate Pony account:

:iconcrimsonsycth: ~JakinDelta

If you have any questions don't be afraid to note me. Thank you ^.^


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I would love some help to eventaully get this account upgraded to membership. So all adoptable points will go here. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you all around. :3

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